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Expressions of Faith Plastic Wallet Card - 1 card
Product ID: 36/2394


1Christian Faith Wallet card. These cards come in a range of designs and colours. On the reverse of each is a space to write a message to someone. Cards are made of flexible plastic and measure 8cm by 5cm.

Ideal for giving out in churches or adding to cards as little gifts.

Great Value - only 12p each

List Price: £0.20
Price: £0.12

Christian Friendship Bracelet - 1 item
Product ID: 5/721


Christian Bracelet. A lucky dip from a wide selection of religious bracelets. These bracelets are funky and bright and popular with teenagers and older children. Bracelets measure approximately 20cm. Great value - an ideal opportunity to buy several and have a varied range to give out as gifts or sell for fund raising.

 Great Value - Only 25p each

List Price: £0.39
Price: £0.25

Christian Bookmark - 1 unit
Product ID: 36/2160


 Christian Themed Bookmark. Great value gifts with an inspirational message. There are variety of bright designs and religious messages. Bookmarks  measure 5cm by 15cm and are made of strong card with a black ribbon.

 Great Value - Only 15p


List Price: £0.20
Price: £0.15

Inspirational Message Bookmark - 1 item
Product ID: 13718674


1 Inspirational Message Bookmark. These are a useful essential for any groups of young children - from Sunday Schools to Brownie groups and schools. They are a simple but special gift to celebrate how unique and special we all are. Bookmarks come in a variety of colourful designs with a super hero appealing to chilrdren. Each has one of the following quotes:

'One person can make all the difference!'

'How others see you is not as important as how you see yourself.'

'There is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.'

'Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone.'

'There is a superhero inside all of us.'

'You don't have to be super to be mighty.' 

Each bookmark measures 15cm by 5cm and is made of glossy card.

Great Value - Only 10p

List Price: £0.15
Price: £0.10

Happy Birthday Glossy Bookmark - 1 unit
Product ID: 13741639


1 Happy Birthday Bookmark. These are a useful essential for any groups of young children - from Sunday Schools to Brownie groups and schools. They are a simple but special gift to celebrate birthdays throughout the year. Bookmarks come in a variety of colourful designs so children can choose. Each bookmark measures 15cm by 5cm and is made of glossy card, finished with a coloured ribbon.

Great Value - Only 10p

List Price: £0.15
Price: £0.10

Self Adhesive Foam Letters and Numbers - 1 sheet of 72 figures
Product ID: 13758053


1 Sheet of Self Adhesive Foam Letters and Numbers. An essential for craft activities. Each sheet has 72 letters and numbers - two of each letter/number. Shapes measure 25mm and sheets come in a range of colours.

February Special Price - Only 55p

List Price: £0.99
Price: £0.55

Jesus in my heart stickers - pack of 50
Product ID: 32/1100


Christian pack of 50 stickers, Jesus in my heart. Essential in Sunday schools for illustrating work and other activities. Children love to wear them. Approximately 4 cm in diameter.

February Special Price - Only 89p

List Price: £1.99
Price: £0.89

Faith Jelly Bean Charm Bracelet Craft - 1 unit
Product ID: 48/3941


1 Christian Jelly Bean Bracelet Craft. This is a lovely craft to make and wear with pride. Each craft is individually packed with stretchy cord, plastic beads and enamel bean charms. Attach the Christian message to explain the symbolism of each coloured bean.

February Special Price - Only 75p

List Price: £0.99
Price: £0.75

Christian Message Self Adhesive Foam Hearts - Pack of 50
Product ID: 57/20001


Sunday School Pack of Self Adhesive Foam Heart Shapes. These sticky foam shapes are easy for children to use - simply arrange on their picture or craft, then peel and stick. These foam shapes are an essential for schools and Sunday Schools for an open ended range of craft activities. Shapes measure approximately 2cm - 6cm.

February Special Price - Only 79p

List Price: £0.99
Price: £0.79

Inspirational Gift Bag of Stationery Goodies - 1 Unit
Product ID: 11/1118


1 Gift Pack of Inspirational Goodies. This is a lovely gift for children and adults alike or perfect for selling for fund raising. Each bag contains a bookmark with ribbon, pencil and note pad with an inspirational word. All are packaged in a gift bag measuring 18cm by 13cm.

Price: £0.75
Out of Stock

Jesus is My BFF Tattoos - Pack of 12
Product ID: 13632158


Pack of 12 Christian Tattoos - Ideal for fundraising and festivals. These tattoos are bright and fun to wear. Tattoos measure approximately 4cm by 3cm. Easy to apply and remove.


List Price: £0.99
Price: £0.75

Inspirational Message Animal Bookmark
Product ID: 13803487


Animal Bookmark with Inspirational Message. These glossy and colourful bookmarks are perfect to sell as a fundraiser or give out in Sunday Schools and schools. Bookmarks, measuring 15cm by 5cm, have a range of jungle animals with a positve message:

'Just Keep Trying!'

'You can do it!'

'You're on the Right Track!'

'Make yourself Proud!'

'Put your Mind to it!'

New Product - Special Introductory Price - Only 10p

List Price: £0.15
Price: £0.10

Religious Sticker Sheet - 1 unit
Product ID: 36/3004


Christian Sticker Sheet - These sheets are an essential for Sundays Schools and schools. Sheets measure 15cm by 5cm and have between 12 and 18 stickers. A random selection will be sent but, if you request a particular sheet, we are happy to oblige.

 Special Price - Only 12p a sheet

List Price: £0.25
Price: £0.12

Christian Fund Raising Tattoo Pack - 60 tattoos
Product ID: 36/224


Mega Pack of 60 Christian Tattoos. This pack is ideal for fund raising in churches, schools and Sunday Schools. Each pack has a varied range featuring tattoos sold in smaller packs on our site. A great fund raiser that is always popular with children and teenagers.

Bargain Price  - only £3.25
List Price: £4.75
Price: £3.25

Large Foam Crosses - Pack of 6
Product ID: 57/2376


Pack of 6 Large Foam Crosses. Use these crosses to create your own crafts. Easy to decorate with gems and stickers on our site. Each pack has 6 different coloured crosses and measure 20cm by 14cm.

List Price: £1.29
Price: £0.99

Wooden Cross Necklaces - 12 pack
Product ID: 24/1250


Sunday School 12 pack. A great gift for Sunday schools and Bible classes. The cross is made of wood and measures approximately 4cm, attached to a nylon cord.

List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99
Out of Stock

Religious Stickers - mega 100 pack
Product ID: 36/420


Religious Stickers - mega Sunday School pack of 100. Ideal for Sunday Schools and Bible Classes. Each value 100 pack is a lucky dip - one of the rolls illustrated in the picture. Each sticker measures 4cm.

Bargain pack  - Only £1.99

List Price: £3.98
Price: £1.99

Christmas Carol Rubber Bracelet - 1 Unit
Product ID: 13713101


Christmas Carol Bracelet. These are ideal bracelets to sell or give as gifts to celebrate Christmas. Bracelets have a line from a Christmas Carol - 'Away in a Manger,' 'Silent Night, Holy Night,' 'Joy to the World' or 'The First Noel.'

Price: £0.35

Self Adhesive Foam Nativity Shapes - Pack of 50
Product ID: 57/2486


Pack of 50 Self Adhesive Nativity Foam Shapes. These packs are a Christmas essential for schools and Sunday Schools. Foam shapes are easy to use - peel and place in the chosen spot. There are a range of characters and designs. Great for making Christmas pictures and Christmas cards, allowing children to use their imagination. Shapes measure between 1 and 4 cm.

Price: £0.99

He Lives Yo-Yo - 1 item
Product ID: 36/2231


1  'He Lives' You Yo-yo. Ideal and fun Sunday School gifts for children to celebrate Easter. Yo-yos come in different colours and designs and measure approximately 3cm.


List Price: £0.30
Price: £0.19

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These crafts and supplies have been carefully selected to provide Bible Classes and Sunday Schools with great value crafts with a message. The majority of the crafts are in 12 unit bags to cater for the larger groups.

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