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Christian Bookmark - 1 unit
Product ID: 36/2160


 Christian Themed Bookmark. Great value gifts with an inspirational message. There are variety of bright designs and religious messages. Bookmarks  measure 5cm by 15cm and are made of strong card with a black ribbon.

 Great Value - Only 15p


List Price: £0.20
Price: £0.15

Make a Sticker Scene - The Last Supper - 12 Pack
Product ID: 13720131


12 Last Supper Sticker Scenes. This is an easy and creative activity for children of all ages to make. There are 12 background scenes measuring 16.5cm by 12cm and 12 sticker sheets with stickers measuring 2cm to 12cm.

March Special Offer - Only 2.99 

Great Activity for Easter

List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99

Make a Sticker Scene - Alleluia Easter Scene - 12 Pack
Product ID: 13723294


Alleluia Easter Sticker Scenes. This is an easy and creative craft for children to make. Each pack has 12 background scene measuring 16.5cm by 12cm and 12 sticker sheets with stickers measuring 2cm to 8cm.

March Special Offer - Only 2.99 

Great Activity for Easter

List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99

Colour Your Own Easter Sticker Scene - Pack of 12
Product ID: 13757476


Easter 12 Pack of Colour Your Own Sticker Scenes. This is an activity children will love. They can colour in both the sticker characters and background scene and make them unique and special to them. Then they can have the fun of peeling the stickers and arranging them on the backgrounds. Background sheet is large, 28cm by 22cm, with twelve stickers ranging in size from 5cm to 11cm.

Easter Special Price - Only 3.99

List Price: £4.99
Price: £3.99

Colour Your Own Easter Placemats - Pack of 12
Product ID: 13763109


Pack of 12 Easter Placemats. This is a great activity for younger children who will have lots of fun colouring in their placemat, and can then have it at the table for Easter parties etc. Placemats are large in size, 42cm by 30cm, and have pretty scalloped edging.

Easter Special - Only £2.49

List Price: £2.99
Price: £2.49

Easter Three Crosses Brooch with an illustrated Easter Card - 1 unit
Product ID: 13786084


Easter Crosses Brooch with a gift Card. This is a meaningful gift to give out in Sunday Schools or church groups, or even for fundraising. Brooches are metal with enamel design measuring approximately 2cm. Set on colourful card measuring 7cm by 6cm, with an Easter quotation - John14:6.

Easter Special Price - Only 39p

List Price: £0.49
Price: £0.39

Easter Pack: Jesus Praying in the Garden Sticker Scene - Pack of 12
Product ID: 13798120


Easter Pack of Jesus Praying Sticker Scene. This is an ideal addition to Sunday School supplies and Holy Week activities. These scenes allow younger children to create their own vision of Jesus praying in the garden while his closest friends slept.  Includes 12 sticker sheets and 12 backgrounds. Finished scene measures 16cm by 12cm.

Easter Special Price - Only 2.99

List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99

Children's Inspirational Easter Sticker Sheet - 1 item
Product ID: 13821633


Easter Inspirational Sticker Sheet. With ten bright and bold inspirational stickers, these stickers are popular with younger children. They can peel them and use them to decorate their pictures and Easter eggs. Sticker sheet measures approximately 5cm by 15cm.

New Product - Special Offer for Easter - Only 15p

List Price: £0.25
Price: £0.15

Make an Easter Cross Scene Stickers - 12 Pack
Product ID: 36/2165


Christian 12 Pack of Make an Easter Cross scene Stickers. These stickers are ideal for Sunday Schools and celebrate the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar. Sticker sheet measures 16cm by 12cm.

Special Offer for Easter - Only £2.99

List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99

Sunday School Sticker  12 Pack - Make an Easter Scene
Product ID: 36/568


Make an Easter Scene 12 pack. This is an easy craft for children - they can draw their own picture and add these stickers, or simply stick the stickers in their own design on paper. Stickers measure approximately 2cm - 9cm.

March Special Price for Easter - £2.99


List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99

Holy Week Bracelet Craft - 1 unit
Product ID: 48/8647


Holy Week Bracelet Craft.This is a different way of remembering Holy Week. Each craft has a card explaining the symbolism of each day and there are seven enamel charms to compliment the days, along with beads.

March Special Offer - Only 69p

Great Activity for Easter


List Price: £0.99
Price: £0.69

Large Foam Crosses - Pack of 6
Product ID: 57/2376


Pack of 6 Large Foam Crosses. Use these crosses to create your own crafts. Easy to decorate with gems and stickers on our site. Each pack has 6 different coloured crosses and measure 20cm by 14cm.

List Price: £1.29
Price: £0.99

Wooden Cross Necklaces - 12 pack
Product ID: 24/1250


Sunday School 12 pack. A great gift for Sunday schools and Bible classes. The cross is made of wood and measures approximately 4cm, attached to a nylon cord.

List Price: £3.99
Price: £2.99

He Lives Yo-Yo - 1 item
Product ID: 36/2231


1  'He Lives' You Yo-yo. Ideal and fun Sunday School gifts for children to celebrate Easter. Yo-yos come in different colours and designs and measure approximately 3cm.


List Price: £0.30
Price: £0.19
Out of Stock

Holy Week Activity Book - 1 item
Product ID: 36/2161


1 Holy Week Activity Book. A great fun activity book with wordsearches, spot the difference, mazes and colouring. Ideal for younger children to take home and enjoy. Each book has 12 pages of activities and measures 18cm by 12.5cm. Sample pages shown as image if you click on picture.


List Price: £0.35
Price: £0.25

Inspirational Easter Bat and Ball
Product ID: 13822504


Sunday School Gift of an Inspirational Bat and Ball. This is a fun gift for children to play with. Easy to play and no chance of losing the bouncy ball. Paddles are made of wood with a colourful inspirational design. Paddle measure approximately 23cm by 10cm.

Price: £0.59

Rejoice He Lives Pencils - 12 Pack
Product ID: 37/1949


12 Pack of Rejoice He Lives Easter Pencils. Colourful pencils with a message. Perfect as gifts for children and adults alike.

Price: £1.99

Jesus is the Reason for Easter Season Craft - Pack of 12
Product ID: 13627699


Pack of 12 Easter Crafts. This is an easy and fun craft to make to celebrate Easter. Each craft is individually packaged with all you need - instructions and self adhesive foam shapes. Finished craft measures approximately 10cm.


Price: £6.49

Foam Handprint He Lives Craft - 12 Pack
Product ID: 48/5687


 12 Handprint "He Lives!" Magnet Craft Kit. This Easter craft is fun for church groups and Church groups. Simply trace each child's hand on the foam and cut out. Then arrange the other pieces to make a personal and special craft to take home. Finished craft measures approximately 13cm.

Price: £6.99

The Easter Story Book with stickers - 1 Unit
Product ID: 13786103


Easter Story Book with Stickers. This is a lovely activity for younger children. Each book has 10 pages retelling the story of Easter. There are spaces on each page to be filled by different stickers. Each book has two pages of stickers, so children can enjoy finishing their own story book to take home. It is a perfect way to illustrate the story of Easter. Book measures 15cm by 10cm

Price: £0.45

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These crafts and supplies have been carefully selected to provide Bible Classes and Sunday Schools with great value crafts with a message. The majority of the crafts are in 12 unit bags to cater for the larger groups.

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