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Children's Prayer Stickers - Pack of 50
Product ID: 36/2852


Children's Christian Prayer Stickers. These colourful stickers are perfect for young children - With their simple messages and bright and cheerful pictures. These stickers are an essential with Sunday Schools.

 June Special Price - Only 89p


List Price: 1.99
Price: 0.89

Glitter Heart Stickers - 1 sheet
Product ID: 9/596


1 sheet of Glitter Hearts. These colourful hearts are ideal for decorating cards and envelopes - bringing the message of love. Each sheet has 24 hearts of different sizes and colours.

 Special Price - Only 15p each

Less than Half Price

List Price: 0.59
Price: 0.15

Mosaic Make a Cross Sticker Scene - Pack of 12
Product ID: 36/2409
Based on 2 ratings. (View)


12 Pack of Create a Mosaic Cross Stickers. These packs are made up of over a hundred stickers in a range of colours and shapes. Packs can be used to make a cross or allow the children to use their imagination and use the stickers to create Christian pictures and patterns. Each sheet of stickers measures approximately 16cm by 12cm.

List Price: 3.99
Price: 3.49

Good Samaritan Make a Sticker Scene - 12 scenes
Product ID: 36/2854


12 Make a Sticker Scene of the Good Samaritan. This is a fun and easy activity for children to do. Each pack has 12 background scenes and 12 sticker sheets with 27 stickers. Sheets measure 16cm by 12cm.

Price: 3.99

Religious Stickers - mega 100 pack
Product ID: 36/420


Religious Stickers - mega Sunday School pack of 100. Ideal for Sunday Schools and Bible Classes. Each value 100 pack is a lucky dip - one of the rolls illustrated in the picture. Each sticker measures 4cm.

Bargain pack - Limited stock -only £1.99.

List Price: 3.98
Price: 1.99

Christian Cross Stickers - Pack of 50
Product ID: 36/2851


Religious Pack of 50 Cross Stickers. This is an essential for Sunday Schools. Christian cross stickers come in a range of designs and colours. Design sent will be one of the designs shown. Stickers measure 3.5cm.

Price: 1.99

Bible Class Verse Stickers - 50 stickers
Product ID: 12/1109


50 Christian Stickers. A useful resource to have in Bible classes and Sunday Schools. They can be given out weekly to children in classes, or children can use them to decorate their work. There are a selection of verses and each sticker measures 4cm in diameter.

 Bargain Price - Only £1.49

List Price: 1.99
Price: 1.49

Jesus in my heart stickers - pack of 50
Product ID: 32/1100
Based on 2 ratings. (View)


Christian pack of 50 stickers, Jesus in my heart. Essential in Sunday schools for illustrating work and other activities. Children love to wear them. Approximately 4 cm in diameter.


Price: 1.99

Sunday School Sticker  12 Pack - Make an Easter Scene
Product ID: 36/568


Make an Easter Scene 12 pack. This is an easy craft for children - they can draw their own picture and add these stickers, or simply stick the stickers in their own design on paper. Stickers measure approximately 2cm - 9cm.

List Price: 3.99
Price: 2.99

Eco Save the Earth Stickers - 50 Pack
Product ID: 9/1089


50 Pack of Save the Earth Stickers. A great bundle of stickers with a variety of simple messages - "I love the earth", "Lets go green", "Peace for earth" etc. Stickers measure approximately 40mm.


Price: 1.99

Happy Birthday Stickers - Pack of 50
Product ID: 9/1243


Pack of 50 Happy Birthday Stickers. An essential for Sunday Schools and schools to celebrate each child's birthday. Each pack has a range of colourful designs. Stickers measure approximately 4cm.


Price: 1.99

Smile, Jesus Loves You Stickers - Pack of 50
Product ID: 36/2859


50 'Smile Jesus Loves You' Stickers. A useful essential for Sunday Schools, ideal for rewarding children or decorating books and pictures. Stickers match our 'Jesus Loves You' range. Stickers measure 38mm.


Price: 1.99

Life of Jesus Make-a-Wreath Sticker set - 12 Pack
Product ID: 36/3508


Make-a-Sticker Scene 'Life of Jesus' Wreath. This is a great craft and easy and fun to make. Each pack has 12 cardboard wreaths and 12 sticker sheets with 18 stickers measuring between 3cm to 9cm. Great Fun - Great Results.

Stickers say:

The Story of Jesus, His Birth, Word of God, Fishers of Men, Salvation, His Love for us, His ressurrection, His Death



List Price: 5.99
Price: 5.25

Flower Stickers - Pack of 50
Product ID: 34/2041


Pack of 50 Flower Stickers. These stickers are colourful and have a range of flowers of different colours and designs. Stickers measure 38mm.


Price: 1.99

Easter Egg and Cross Stickers - Pack of 50
Product ID: 13682485


50 Easter Stickers. These colourful stickers are a perfect way of illustrating new life and the Christian message of Easter. Stickers measure approx 4cm and come in a range of designs.

Price: 1.99

Easter Bunnies and Chicks Stickers - 50 Stickers
Product ID: 37/856


50 Cute Bunnies and Chicks Stickers. Children love these cute and colourful stickers and they are always popular at Easter. Stickers measure approximately 40mm.



Price: 1.99

Easter Stickers - He Lives Stickers - 50 Stickers
Product ID: 12/1122
Based on 2 ratings. (View)


50 Easter Stickers "He Lives". These stickers are ideal for remembering why Jesus died and then rose on Easter Sunday. Popular in Sunday Schools and Bible Classes. Stickers measure approximately 4cm.

Price: 1.99

Smiley Face Rosette Stickers - 50 Pack
Product ID: 9/922


50 Reward Rosette Stickers. These bright and colourful stickers are ideal for rewarding and praising kids. There are a variety of smiling and cheeky faces with positive messages like"You're the Best", "Super", "Awesome" etc. These are really popular with both boys and girls.


Price: 1.99

Christian Symbols Stickers - 1 sheet of 18 stickers
Product ID: 36/2679


1 Sheet of Religious Stickers. These stickers are always useful to keep in store in Sunday Schools and Churches. Stickers are large, bright and colourful - perfect for decorating cards, bookmarks and pictures. Stickers measure between 2cm and 4cm.

List Price: 0.45
Price: 0.25

Christian Rainbow Words Sticker Sheet
Product ID: 36/2678
Based on 1 ratings. (View)


1 Sheet of Christian Words Stickers. Each sheet has ten word stickers in bold, rainbow colours. Great for teenagers and children to stick on books, pencil cases etc. Each sticker measures 5cm by 1cm.


List Price: 0.35
Price: 0.21

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These crafts and supplies have been carefully selected to provide Bible Classes and Sunday Schools with great value crafts with a message. The majority of the crafts are in 12 unit bags to cater for the larger groups.

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